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The Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tiles Over Other Types of Smooth Flooring.

Navigating the array of smooth flooring options can be challenging when making a purchase decision. In this blog, we dive into the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles and why they should be your preferred flooring solution.

Real Wood Flooring/Laminate

Real wood floors often come with a steeper price tag and pose a more difficult installation process, not to mention being less forgiving in day-to-day use.

While wood is prone to scratches, high-quality luxury vinyl tiles like those from Invictus flooring feature a patented scratch-resistant coating called scratch master, simplifying maintenance. In the unlikely event you cause substantial damage a board, it is refreshingly straight forward to change an individual plank. This is effortlessly achieved by simply applying heat to release the adhesive to then peel out and replace with a new one. This stands as a sharp contrast to the complexity of swapping out a wood floor, which entails the difficult process of unclicking the entire floor and then reinstalling it.

Real wood and laminate are living floors, so they expand and contract with heat and humidity which means an expansion gap is required. This is often covered with unsightly beading or can mean the messy and costly removal of your skirting boards. LVT on the other hand doesn’t expand so it is fitted flush with the edge. It is also stuck to the subfloor and therefore a lot more solid, with no creaking.

When considering practicality in the home, it's worth noting that both real wood flooring and laminate are sensitive to moisture. Prolonged exposure to excessive moisture can lead to joint swelling and the edge wearing, ultimately resulting in flooring failure. If a drink such as red wine is spilt and sits on a joint, it can get under the lacquer and stain the floor. In comparison, luxury vinyl tiles are water resistant so is far more durable than wood in these scenarios.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles As Opposed to Ceramic Flooring?

Luxury vinyl tiles tend to give you a similar look to ceramic tiles, however they are far warmer underfoot and tend to be textured, resulting in a more slip resistant flooring.

Furthermore, luxury vinyl tiles offer added flexibility compared to ceramic tiles, preventing cracks even on slightly uneven subfloors. This flexibility extends to the grout strip as well, ensuring it remains intact without succumbing to cracks and failures like traditional grout. Ceramic tiles are much easier to damage and replacements are challenging. This is where luxury vinyl tiles have the upper hand, providing a considerably simpler solution for replacements using the method previously discussed.

Buying Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Tim Barradell Flooring

At Tim Barradell Flooring we have a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles to choose from. We take care of both the supply and fitting processes for all our flooring choices, catering to both domestic and commercial requirements.

Give us a call today on 0116 3671872 or come and see us in our Leicestershire based showroom where we'd be happy to guide you to your new flooring choice.


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