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Carpet Tiles Leicester

Transform Your Office or Commercial Space

With Carpet Tiles in Leicester.

Within our extensive selection of carpets and flooring available, we proudly present a range of carpet tiles to choose from in Leicester.


Carpet tiles emerge as an optimal solution, particularly within commercial settings. Delivered as individual carpet panels, they seamlessly interlock to grace any space. Elevating both aesthetics and functionality, carpet tiles stand as a testament to the advantages of a flooring option.

Where Are Carpet Tiles Suitable For?

A specific scenario where carpet tiles truly shine is in spaces requiring frequent cabling access. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, these tiles allow for individual sections to be effortlessly lifted, granting swift and convenient access for maintenance purposes. This approach not only proves practical but also safeguards the integrity of the flooring, preventing unnecessary damage. This functionality makes carpet tiles a preferred choice for settings like offices and conference rooms, where such versatility is paramount.

Why Choose a Carpet Tiles?
Minimising Waste
One huge benefit to carpet tiles they will usually result in much less waste due to the way they are fitted. Much less cutting is required during this installation process, resulting in less disregarding martials. 


Carpet tiles are known for being a hard wearing option. This makes them ideal for high foot traffic areas and commercial units such as office where frequent replacement isn't an option.

Easy To Replace

Another notable advantage of opting for carpet tiles is their installation method, which allows for effortless lifting and replacement in the unlikely event of damage. This attribute proves especially valuable in environments like offices, where a complete floor overhaul would be impractical.

Our Fitting Service

Available with the purchase of carpet tiles is our superior fitting service. We will uplift the old flooring if required (additional cost) as well as move furniture. If you are in a commercial premises such as an office, we can work around your schedule, including fitting during weekends or evenings. This allows your flooring to be installed without disturbing to your day to day work flow.

Why Buy a Carpet Tiles From Us?

Expert Guidence

With an large amount of knowledge in flooring. We are here to offer expert guidance in any of our flooring options.

Supply Only Option

If you have your own fitter or are working on a DIY project, and are looking for supply only carpet tiles in Leicester, we are happy to help.

Value for Money

Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solution for carpet tiles in Leicester. We are committed to offering value maintaining the quality standards we promise. 

Other Flooring Options

Aside from being able to supply and fit carpet tiles in Leicester, we also have a wide variety of other flooring solutions available, for any room..


Traditional Carpet Choices

As part of our flooring range, we can also supply and fit traditional carpet options.

Bedroom Carpets

This carpeting selection includes a range of bedroom carpets. This soft flooring option is dream choice to wake up to every morning. The comfort underfoot is the perfect start to waking up each morning. In addition to this, a carpet will also enhance any bedroom design, ideal for any transformation which may be taking place.

Stair Carpets

We offer an extensive selection of stair carpet options as well. These choices add a warm and inviting ambiance for all visitors to your home. Our ranges encompass a diverse array of colors and styles, ensuring there's an ideal choice to complement any décor.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Another flooring option available is luxury vinyl tiles. They are hardwearing as well as water resistant, making them ideal for almost any area of the home. LVT is available in a large variety realistic looks such as stone and hardwood. Add a sense of grace to any room of the home with this choice of flooring.

Visit Us Today
Feel free to reach out to us via phone, or better yet, come visit our showroom in Countesthorpe. We are here to assist you with any additional inquiries you may have.

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