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Discover Quality Carpets
in Leicester

Looking to transform your home with beautiful carpets in Leicester? Look no further. At Tim Barradell Flooring, we take pride in being a source of expectational advice and service when buying a carpet. We have a large range of different styles and brands to choose from to ensure you can find your perfect match. We understand choosing a carpet isn't just about the right colour or pattern, but also finding a flooring solution that aligns to your unique needs and requirements. By providing a personalised service, we are committed to making your carpet buying experience enjoyable and stress free.

Buying a Carpet in Leicester

Part of our goal is to make buying a carpet in Leicester a stress free, enjoyable experience. Our extensive showroom has plenty of options to come and view to help you make an informed decision. We have a vast range available, including a budget friendly carpets and flooring solutions. Samples can be taken away to compare to your furniture before committing to purchase.

Why Invest in a New Quality Carpet?

Investing in a new carpet comes with numerous benefits which can great enhance your space. Of course, one of the main benefits is their aesthetically pleasing nature. We have a wide selection of carpet and flooring options ready to compliment your homes interior design. 


Another reason carpets are a popular decision in flooring is due to their comfortable nature. With many plush carpets available, we have plenty of options to create a soft and welcoming environment underfoot. 

At Tim Barradell Flooring Leicester, we also have hard wearing carpet choices available too, great for high foot traffic such as in shops or offices. They will maintain their appearance overtime, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Why Choose a Carpet Over Smooth Flooring?

When in comes to choosing a flooring for the home, the most popular types are carpets and smooth flooring. Both have their own benefits, making the choice different based on the scenario in your home.

The main benefits to choosing a carpet are the warmth and comfort they provide. Often chosen as a lounge carpet, they are soft underfoot for a welcoming environment. Carpets also provide noise insulation, making them especially good for acoustic insulation is required. They are also well known for the large variety of colours and styles that they offer. We dedicated to jelping you find the right flooring for your home, so please don't hesitate to drop us a message or visit our Leicestershire showroom if you'd like any further advice.

Why Use Tim Barradell Flooring?

Extensive Carpets Range

At Tim Barradell Flooring, we understand the importance of choosing the right carpet for your Leicester space. Our extensive collection boasts a wide range of styles, colours, and fibres, ensuring you'll discover the ideal carpet to complement your aesthetic and functional requirements. Whether you seek a plush, luxurious carpet for your Leicester living room or a durable, stain-resistant option for a high-traffic area, we've got you covered.

Expert Advice & Guidance

We are on hand to guide you through the entire process. From selecting the perfect carpet to providing expert installation services, we ensure a seamless and stress free experience. We understand that proper installation is key to ensuring your carpet's lifespan and performance.

Competitive Prices

We believe that quality doesn't have to be costly. We offer competitive pricing on all our carpets and flooring solutions, guaranteeing the best value for your money. We also provide free quotes for your flooring, enabling you to make informed decisions about your Leicester flooring project.

The Range of Carpets Styles

At Tim Barradell Flooring, we offer an extensive selection of carpets in a variety of colours and styles. Based in Leicester, whether you’re looking for something traditional or something more modern and bold to make your lounge stand out, we have the perfect carpet for you. We strive to provide the highest quality customer service so that you can find the perfect carpet for your home or business.

Patterned Carpets

We have a wide range of patterned carpets available to see in our Leicester based showroom. Visit today to find your new carpet today.

Striped Carpets

Specialising in striped carpets too, we have a vast array of modern options to add a touch of elegance to any space.

Natural Carpets

Available in a range of tones, our natural carpets range will add a warmth to your home.

Supply Only Carpets & Flooring 

Looking for supply only flooring options in Leicester? We offer an extensive range of premium flooring options, including our coveted carpet selection, all available on a supply only basis.

Our supply only service is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and those with their trusted builders for installation. When you choose to opt for supply only flooring, you won't miss out on our guidance. You'll receive the expert advice when visiting our showroom, ensuring you make the right decisions for your project.

The Different Kinds of Carpet Fibres

The various fibres carpets can be made from can be confusing. Below is our easy to follow guide below to help you understand the difference.

Wool Fibre

  • An environmentally friendly choice

  • Easy to clean using normal detergent products

  • Renewable and biodegradable

Polyester Fibre

  • Manmade fibre, with option available made from recycled plastic items

  • Fade resistant

  • Resists stains and can be easily cleaned using water


Nylon Fibre

  • A high quality choice

  • Can be dyed for different finishes

  • Ability to combine with other materials

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