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About Us

At Tim Barradell Flooring, we are passionate about helping our customers find the perfect carpets for their home. We have a wide range of carpets available, and we are always on hand to provide advice and friendly service. Using experienced fitters, we will ensure your carpets are fitted with precision..

Our Story

I have worked in the carpet trade for 37 years. For the past 28 years I had worked as manager for a well known Leicester flooring company Dalkard and Elliott. Whilst working for Dalkard and Elliott I gained a huge amount of experience in all aspects of the carpet trade. I have helped carpet Castles to dolls houses,you get some strange requests over the years


Why buy from Tim Barradell Flooring?

I learned from Dalkard and Elliott  that it is vital to listen to the client and their requirements, to ask lots of questions to ensure they purchases the correct product for their installation. We try to present all of the relevant information regarding the different styles of  flooring to clients so they can make an informed decision. Not only do we offer great colour and quality advice, we are part of a national buying group which ensures we buy competitively and with our low overhead ensure we can offer the best value for money

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