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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Leicester Home

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home, few elements play as crucial a role as your choice of carpet. Whether you're renovating your existing home or moving into a new one, here's a guide to help you choose the right carpet in Leicester for your residence.

Style and Aesthetics

Your carpet choice should harmonise with the overall style of your home. There's many different styles of homes, so making sure your carpet complements the decor is key. Traditional homes may benefit from plush, elegant carpets, while modern interiors often pair well with sleek, low pile carpets. Don't forget to consider the colour too. Neutral tones are versatile and work well with a variety of interior designs

Room Usage

Every room in your home serves a unique purpose, and as such, the carpet you select should align with the specific needs and demands of that space.

Living Room

The living room is often the heart of your home, where family and guests gather. It experiences a high volume of foot traffic, so durability is key. Choose for a carpet with a dense pile and good stain resistance. A plush or textured carpet can add warmth and cosiness to your space.


Bedrooms are all about comfort and relaxation. Softness and warmth are the of most importance here. Consider a higher pile carpet or even luxurious wool for that cosy, soft underfoot feeling. Choose a colour and pattern choice that reflects your personal style.

Hall and Stairs

These are again a high traffic area which require the most durable carpets. Choose carpets with excellent wear resistance and even consider darker colours or patterns to hide dirt and stains.


When embarking on a carpet purchase for a renovation project, your budget plays a pivotal role. Like many investments, the more you allocate, the higher the appearance retention and overall performance. However, it's equally important to tailor your carpet choice to your specific needs and circumstances, especially if you're renting a home or carpeting a space with minimal usage. While you may not be inclined to splurge on these scenarios, selecting the right carpet is still vital to ensure it fulfills your requirements effectively.

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At Tim Barradell Flooring we have a wide range of carpets and flooring to choose from. We take care of both the supply and fitting processes for all our options, and are able to supply to to both domestic and commercial requirements.

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