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Discover LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) in

LVT, short for luxury vinyl tiles, represents a pinnacle of style and durability in modern flooring. Crafted from vinyl, these tiles embody both luxury and practicality. With a diverse array of shapes and sizes, they offer limitless design possibilities, enabling you to create your dream space.


They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be either clicked together (like laminate) or glued directly to a prepared subfloor. Our preferred method of installation of luxury vinyl tiles is adhere it to the floor. It feels more solid underfoot if installed this way and is easier to replace boards in the unlikely event that you manage to damage one.

Buying LVT / Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Leicester

At Tim Barradell Flooring, we specialise are Leicester specialists in all types of carpets and flooring for both all kinds of spaces. We take pride in our Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) options, with an extensive range to choose from. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality carpets and flooring at the best prices.


Navigating the world of LVT might seem daunting, but fear not. With our expert guidance, we are here to guide you towards discovering the ideal LVT option that harmonises with your unique preferences and needs. With our approach, we provide a seamless blend of friendliness and expertise, resulting in a tailored experience that results in a luxury vinyl tiles choice that complements your residential or commercial space.

Why Invest in a LVT?

LVT is water and scratch resistant making an idea choice for any high traffic area in the home. They are easily maintained with regular hoovering and mopping, spills and stains just wipe off. The wood effect flooring has a wood texture and the registered embossed version actually matches the grain in the vinyl design. Because they are tiles there are all sorts of special designs that can be created ranging from borders to feature panels. Herringbone and Parquet are particularly good for this they look great framed with a highlight strip in Kitchens and hallways. They are even suitable for commercial locations, great for any busy premises in Leicester.


We have the full range from Invictus on display as well as Project floors and Rhinofloor in our showroom.  Visit us today and discover the perfect flooring option for you.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Light Colour
Why Choose LVT Over Wood or Laminate Flooring?

There are lots of advantages of opting for an luxury vinyl tiles rather than a real wood or laminate. They are less expensive, more practical as they are easier to maintain. Wood and laminate are far easier to scratch and damage. We always recommend to people having a wood floor is like living on top of your table.


LVT is water resistant whereas with wood and laminate flooring moisture means the joins can expand and split. It is very easy to change damaged boards on lvt whereas very difficult on the others. Wood and laminate expands  and contracts with heat and humidity which often means creaking and cracking plus unsightly beading around the perimeter. LVT is very stable with no movement when stuck down and is fitted flush to skirting so no beading is required.

Supply only LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)
If you have your own fitter and are looking for supply only LVT in Leicester, give us a call to discuss the available options. With supply only we can offer a discounted rate on all LVT ranges, including Invictus flooring, Rhino Flooring and Project Flooring. We will offer the same expert advice and guidance to ensure your flooring choice is ideal for your requirements. Should this be a DIY project, we're happy to provide installation guidelines on adhesive and the correct subfloor preparation, to ensure you have the professional and durable finish.

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