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Invictus Flooring Leicester: Elevate Your Space With Tim Barradell Flooring

As part of our luxury vinyl tiles range, we are stockists of Invictus Luxury Vinyl Tiles. When it comes to flooring that embodies strength, durability, and elegance, Invictus Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) stand out as a truly invincible choice. From the Latin word for "invincible", Invictus LVT lives up to its name, thanks to the use of its unique scratch master coating which ensures your floors remain flawless even in the face of heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear.

Why Choose Invictus Flooring?

Invictus flooring is a hardwearing flooring solution. Their primus range comes with a 20 year residential wear warranty, while the Maximus has a 25 year warranty. A stand out feature of Invictus flooring is its remarkable waterproof properties, which make it particularly well-suited ares of high moisture which includes kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Eliminate the worry of spills or water damage, as Invictus LVT can effortlessly withstand moisture without compromising its integrity properties.

What Designs Are Available?

The range of Invictus flooring designs are realistic, which ranges from natural looking woods to authentic stone designs.

For those who appreciate the warm charm of wood, our natural looking selection captures the unique features of various wood species. Ranging from rich oak to the classic walnut, every wood design transforms your space with the unique character it offers.

If you are seeking a touch of timeless elegance, our authentic stone looking designs deliver a captivating the beauty of natural stone surfaces. From graceful patterns of marble to beauty of slate, Invictus stone designs add a sense of grandeur and grace to any room they are put in.

The realism and attention to detail in the Invictus flooring designs is nothing short of extraordinary. Every plank is ensured to emulate the textures and variations found in natural wood and stone, ensuring the flooring looks stunning once installed.

Why Buy From Us?

At Tim Barradell Flooring, we take immense pride in being a trusted stockist of Invictus Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Leicester. For the best advice, competitive pricing and a first class installation service call in to our showroom today to see the full range.


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